Welding & Gases Today Launches Professional Networking Group

Welding & Gases Today launched a new LinkedIn group, making it easier for members of the gases and welding industry to network in a professional setting and stay connected to the latest industry news. The Welding & Gases Today LinkedIn group provides a forum where distributors and suppliers can share their views and experiences in meaningful dialogue in a professional setting. These discussions complement the conversations that happen every day on Facebook, Twitter and industry blogs from the leading magazine for the gases and welding equipment industry.

A business-minded social networking website, LinkedIn is designed to connect professionals in a broad range of industries. With over 135 million members as of November 2011, LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the Internet—and it only continues to grow. According to LinkedIn, as of September 30, 2011, professionals are joining the site at a rate in excess of two members per second. To facilitate networking opportunities, LinkedIn offers groups for almost every industry, trade and common interest.

For professionals looking to network in the gases and welding industry, the Welding & Gases Today group is the place to start. By joining a group, users are instantly granted access to a network of people with whom they share something in common. Discussions within groups—in which every group member can view and participate—offer the opportunity to talk about industry-specific issues, lend expertise and help fellow members. Groups connect users to LinkedIn members they might not be able to reach otherwise.

In the September 2009 article “You’re LinkedIn, Now What,” Robert Jackson, president of Jackson Welding and Gas Products (Rochester, NY), told Welding & Gases Today, “LinkedIn has helped me reconnect with people I’ve done business with, as well as friends I’ve known professionally and lost contact with. If someone wants to contact me for business reasons, it’s instantly available.”

In the same article, DuPuy Oxygen & Supply Company (Waco, TX) Branch Manager Rodney Winn told Welding & Gases Today, “I often use LinkedIn and find news about what’s happening in the industry, such as new technologies. I like contributing to discussions where someone has a business problem that I can offer a solution to.”

To join the ongoing professional dialogue online, join the Welding & Gases Today group (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4186741) on LinkedIn. For more information, contact Devin O’Toole, content editor at Welding & Gases Today at devin@weldingandgasestoday.org or 315-445-2347.


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