Petroleum Equipment Institute Comments

“Great job on the Journal! I have received lots of calls from folks that have read it.rdquo;

Blair Shwedo
SouthEastern Petroleum Systems, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
February 26, 2009


Congratulations on the inaugural publication of the PEI Journal! It appears to have been executed with the usual PEI professionalism, class and style!”

Mike Schammel
Maryland Pump and Tank
March 12, 2007


“Your magazine is very well put together, informative and is high quality.”

Phyllis Carmack
Customer Service Manager
Catlow, Inc.
June 4, 2008


“ Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Keep up the good work promoting our industry.”

Robert Peavey[Pump Tex Inc.
May 22, 2008


“Just received the newest PEI Journal and I look forward to reading many of the articles as this has been the most useful & relevant trade journal that I have ever read.”

May 18, 2007


“Time does not permit me to really express how great I think your new online magazine is. The letters from you and the president, board speaks, and member profiles make the people and the organization come to lift to the reader. And, the news and efforts to inform are top notch.”

Ed Runner
E C Runner & Associates, Inc.
March 2007


“I’ve enjoyed reading the PEI Journal this morning, especially the 07 outlook from the distributors, but even more the article Calvin wrote on success, integrity and relationships. The journal was colorful, fun and informative for me.”

Eva Chambers
March 14, 2007

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