The MHEDA Journal Comments

“Congratulations, you did a great job in developing the article and the slide show! It truly presents our Company and the “Performance People... our Associates. I’m sure this will contribute to MHEDA’s upcoming event success.”

Bryan Armstrong
Naumann/Hobbs Material Handling


“You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Liz Richards
Executive Vice President
Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association


“The newest issue of The MHEDA Journal...'2010 The Rules Have Changed' a fantastic offering! It is stacked FULL of great advice that is very timely for the dealer in today's business environment! Congrats to everybody that had a hand in putting this together. Well done!”

Brian Harris
Vice President
Sunbelt Industrial Trucks


“I really appreciate the article y’all wrote about AEC in a recent MHEDA Journal. Extremely well written. Your author took a complicated story and made it very clear and concise. I was extremely impressed. I really appreciate all the work that went into the article and all you do.”

Charlie Williamson
Advanced Equipment Company
LinkedIn — January 15, 2010


“Another great job, very good articles. My only wish is that people read and take something from all of them you were right on TARGET with all articles. Great job.”

Bill Hawthorne
October 16, 2009


“You have a great way of turning my stuttering into poetry! Well done. Thank you.”

Scott A. Hennie
V.P., General Manager
Hy-Tek Material Handling Inc.
September 1, 2009


“Excellent issue! Great topics. Very valuable and useful content. Thanks for the effort!”

Barry Lauterwasser
Symbion Marketing, LLC
July 28, 2010


“Simply stated, your MHEDA Journal is the National Geographic of trade publications. Quality abounds from the front cover to article content to the paper you print on.”

Steve Lippert
Executive� Vice President
Hamilton Caster
April 15, 2008


“Great JOB on my article. I love the way you used the bullet point format, I only wish I could think of half of that stuff. I am not a professional writer. This is all new to me, so I write them and I see them, but the way you laid this out brings it all out in to the open much better than how I presented it. I always feel people deserve a pat on the back, well here is yours, pat, pat. Again, great job”.

Dave Bennett
Thompson & Johnson Equipment Co., Inc.
August 7, 2006


“I received a couple of phone calls yesterday afternoon congratulating me on the article in the recent MHEDA Journal. Surprised and honored, I borrowed a copy this morning to read it myself. It was a very well written article on me and everyone else. Thank you very much for this honor — it will be something I cherish throughout my personal career.”

Gary Holbrook
Western Carolina Forklift
April 25, 2006


“I firmly believe that the greatest valued added benefit to MHEDA membership is Data Key.

Fred Oram
Oram Material Handling Systems, Inc.
November 11, 2005


“Thank you for including me in your wonderful publication; the quality is outstanding, and I am proud to have contributed.”

Dr. Camille Donnelly
Donnelly Leadership Counseling
May 4, 2003


“Excellent Publication. Keep up the good work.”

Joe Schmelzer
Equipment Inc.
July 18, 2002


“Producing a publication of this caliber has helped MHEDA tremendously over the years in raising our visibility and promoting excellence.

Liz Richards
Executive Director
Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
No date


“Great work folks: The information is timely and interesting” I look forward to future issues.

M & G Materials Handling Co.
No date


“Let me say your magazine and your organization is a class act.”

Jim Washington
May 3, 2002


“Great Magazine! It has become so good that I can’t wait to see what you are up to next.”

Ken MacDonald
M&G Materials Handling Co.
April 15, 2002


“Head and shoulders above the competition.”

Richard Vaughn
October 30, 2001


“Worth the price of membership all by itself.”

Gary Moore
October 21, 2001


“Not only is the quality of the magazine the best out there, but the content is always informative and enjoyable to read.”

Matt Farris
Manager of Sales
Hytrol Conveyor Company
August 2001


“I can say if our dues went only to pay for this magazine, I would still reorder every year, I find that much value. Thanks for a great magazine.”

Jeff Schmeck
Parkway Systems
October 25, 1999


MHEDA Comments

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