Welding & Gases Today Comments

“I just received the third quarter issue of Welding & Gases Today. Like always, it looks GREAT!!!! Thanks for everything you guys do for GAWDA.”

Jenny McCall, 2010 GAWDA President
President, WESCO Gas & Welding Supply, Inc.


“Every time I read another issue of welding & Gases Today, I am proud to be associated with its production. You all od an incredible job in capturing the spirit of the industry and creating important value for our members. I just finished proofing the 2nd Quarter edition and it blew me away. I consider the staff at Data Key Communication who work on WGT to be an integral part of the GAWDA team. Thank you. You do an amazing job!!”

Kent T. Van Amburg, CAE
Executive Director, Gases and Welding Distributors Association


“Great Issue this month. The Check Six article was particularly good.”

Linda Mitchell
Director of Human Resources
OKI Bering
November 19, 2009


“Ya’ll do a good job and we’re proud to support the magazine and to support GAWDA.

Gary Kennedy
Chairman and CEO
Red Ball Oxygen
November 2009


“It makes me proud to be even a small part of this publication. You do a fantastic job on each and every issue.

Kent VanAmburg
Executive Director
Gases and Welding Distributors Association
March 17, 2009


“We at Select-Arc, Inc. and Arcos Industries, LLC appreciate W&GT’s continued editorial support.”

John Tully
Marketing Manager
June 23, 2008


“Thanks for sending me a replacement copy of the most recent GAWDA magazine. I guess it “serves as a testimonial to the quality of your publication that someone purloined my original issue. Thanks again.”

Jim Appledorn
Lincoln Electric
February 7, 2008


“I just finished going through the current issue of W&GT. Once again I feel proud to be a very small part of providing such a first-rate, quality benefit to the members of GAWDA. You are the best! Thank you.”

Kent VanAmburg
Executive Director
Gases and Welding Distributors Association
March 16, 2007


“Thank you for continuing to make us look to our members. Your excellent publications continue to be the real face of GAWDA to our members and we have never looked better.

Kent VanAmburg
Executive Director
Gases & Welding Distributors
March 7, 2007


“ Our sincere thanks to you and the staff at Data Key Communications for featuring Pooch Welding Supply Company in the First Quarter Winter 2007 Edition of GAWDA Magazine. The article pulled together all the pertinent facts and showed how a small distributor can meet the challenge, prosper, and remain independent in today’s evolving marketplace. A delicate balance indeed! It was a most memorable event for everyone at our company.”

John E. Small
Pooch Welding Supply Cop.
January 17, 2007


Data Key staff: “ I continue to be blown away by the quality of W&GT. Thank you for making all of us look great. You should all be proud of the work you do on W&GT. It is truly the #1 member benefit.”

Kent VanAmburg
Executive Director
Gases and Welding Distributors Association
August 23, 2006


“Arrived home yesterday and found the reworked Magazines awaiting my arrival. Thanks to you and all your colleagues for your efforts in my behalf. I am still receiving nice comments and feedback on that article. Thanks for the encouragement.”

John Gilsenan
August 11, 2006


“Hello! I am Jim Scarboro. I wrote an article that appeared in the recent magazine. Thank you for doing such a nice job with it. Your editors made me appear better than I really am. I was hoping to get a few extra copies of the magazine as keepsakes. Is that possible? Thanks.”

Jim Scarboro
July 16, 2006


“Just received the June issue, and it is stunning — from the standout cover to the excellent photographs. I’m sure the text is just as compelling. Well done everyone — artistically, it is one of the best issues ever. Cheer.”

Rick Doyle
Former Executive Director of GAWDA
June 28, 2006


“I just received my copy of Welding and Gases Today, and I wanted to thank you for your write up. I was very excited to reach this, and appreciate everything you did. I was wondering if I could purchase some extra copies of this issue of Welding and Gases today, for my family and friends?”

Karen Gilgenback
Sales Representative
Linde Gas LLA
March 27, 2006


“Fantastic job on the 40 Under 40 Issue. Great content and information about the people that we do business with.”

Kathy Salmon
ArcOne Marketing Manager
March 21, 2006


“Welding & Gases Today is the perfect illustration of what teamwork can accomplish.”

Wally Brant
Indiana Oxygen
December 2004


“An industry publication so beautifully put together and full of useful and interesting articles.”

Marv Lampton
Lampton Welding Supply
January 2, 2003


“A terrific benefit to our members. Great job!”

Jaime Lloyd
Fernley & Fernley
November 22,2002


“High quality in terms of production values, content and level of advertising. “

Ron Schreibman
July 18, 2002


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