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//Tag Line // messages[2] = new Array( '2', //Booth Number 'MG Industries/ Messer', //Company Name 'produces and distributes industrial, medical and specialty gases, and related gas handling equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[3] = new Array( '3', //Booth Number 'Hypertherm', //Company Name 'develops, manufactures and services thermal cutting equipment', 'P'); //Tag Line // messages[4] = new Array( '4', //Booth Number 'American Standard Manufacturing Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures high-pressure and propane cylinder storage and merchandising cabinets'); //Tag Line // messages[5] = new Array( '5', //Booth Number 'Schaefer-Smith-Ankeney Insurance Agency', //Company Name 'provides property, general liability, automobile and umbrella policies', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[6] = new Array( '6', //Booth Number 'Uniweld Products Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures flame tools, gas control equipment and accessories'); //Tag Line //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[7] = new Array( '7', //Booth Number 'Kaplan Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'offers a complete line of cylinders'); //Tag Line //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[8] = new Array( '8', //Booth Number 'SafTCart', //Company Name 'offers completely assembled cylinder cradle banks, cylinder and medical series carts'); //Tag Line // messages[9] = new Array( '9', //Booth Number 'Cryostar-USA', //Company Name 'is a supplier of cryogenic pumps and LNG boil-off gas compressors'); //Tag Line // messages[10] = new Array( '10', //Booth Number 'Direct Wire and Cable', //Company Name 'is a supplier of American-made welding cable'); //Tag Line // messages[11] = new Array( '11', //Booth Number 'Stanco Manufacturing Inc.', //Company Name 'provides gloves, protective clothing and safety accessories'); //Tag Line // messages[12] = new Array( '12', //Booth Number 'Weldcoa', //Company Name 'manufactures gas cylinder handling and filling equipment', 'Q'); //Tag Line // messages[13] = new Array( '13', //Booth Number 'TrackAbout Inc.', //Company Name 'provides an online tracking service for physical assets'); //Tag Line // messages[14] = new Array( '14', //Booth Number 'Rexarc International Inc.', //Company Name 'provides manifold piping systems, welding apparatus and cylinder filling systems'); //Tag Line // messages[15] = new Array( '15', //Booth Number 'GAWDA Consultants', //Company Name 'provide professional guidance and advice for GAWDA Members'); //Tag Line // messages[16] = new Array( '16', //Booth Number 'Air Products and Chemicals Inc.', //Company Name 'provides gases and equipment, as well as training, lead generation and other customized services'); //Tag Line // messages[17] = new Array( '17', //Booth Number 'Abicor Binzel Corp.', //Company Name 'provides stick welding equipment, MIG/TIG torches, robotic guns and peripherals', //Tag Line 'M'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[18] = new Array( '18', //Booth Number 'ORS Nasco', //Company Name 'is a pure wholesaler to welding, industrial, safety and oilfield markets'); //Tag Line // messages[19] = new Array( '19', //Booth Number 'Cramer-Decker Industries', //Company Name 'offers a comprehensive line of gas control products'); //Tag Line // messages[20] = new Array( '20', //Booth Number 'ArcOne', //Company Name 'produces PAPR and SAR respiratory and safety products and accessories'); //Tag Line // messages[21] = new Array( '21', //Booth Number 'National-Standard Company', //Company Name 'manufactures carbon and stainless steel solid weld wire', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[22] = new Array( '22', //Booth Number 'Revco Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies Black Stallion brand performance gloves and protective wear', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[23] = new Array( '23', //Booth Number 'Cryogenic Industries', //Company Name 'engineers, manufactures and services equipment for the industrial gas industry'); // messages[24] = new Array( '24', //Booth Number 'The Lincoln Electric Company', //Company Name 'manufactures arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment'); // messages[25] = new Array( '25', //Booth Number 'Harris Calorific Inc.', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of gas apparatus welding and cutting equipment'); // messages[26] = new Array( '26', //Booth Number 'FIBA Technologies, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures and reconditions transport, storage and filling equipment'); // messages[27] = new Array( '27', //Booth Number 'Ceodeux Inc.', //Company Name 'provides gas and liquid handling valves, regulators, components and equipment'); // messages[28] = new Array( '28', //Booth Number 'Norris Cylinder Company', //Company Name 'produces high pressure, seamless cylinders for shipping, storing and dispensing industrial gases'); // messages[29] = new Array( '29', //Booth Number 'Unisource Manufacturing Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies expansion joints, flexible metal hose, PTFE core hose and other specialty hose items'); // messages[30] = new Array( '30', //Booth Number 'Taylor-Wharton/ Harsco Gas & Fluid Control Group', //Company Name 'provides gas containment and control products'); // messages[31] = new Array( '31', //Booth Number 'OKI Bering', //Company Name 'provides welding, safety and industrial supplies'); // messages[32] = new Array( '32', //Booth Number 'Superior Products Inc.', //Company Name 'provides gas management systems and compressed gas fittings', 'M'); //Tag Line // messages[33] = new Array( '33', //Booth Number 'Cavagna North America Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures cylinder valves and related equipment', 'P'); //Tag Line // messages[34] = new Array( '34', //Booth Number 'Quality Cryogenics', //Company Name 'provides custom-engineered vacuum jacketed piping solutions and cylinder repair services'); // messages[35] = new Array( '35', //Booth Number 'The Acme Cryogenics Group', //Company Name 'designs, manufactures and services gas and liquid handling equipment'); // messages[36] = new Array( '36', //Booth Number 'Infonetics Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies computer software, hardware and services'); // messages[37] = new Array( '37', //Booth Number 'Ray Murray Inc.', //Company Name 'provides compressed gas, welding, industrial and propane equipment'); // messages[38] = new Array( '38', //Booth Number 'WDPG/Americana Programs', //Company Name 'is a business insurance program designed for the welding supply distributor', 'Q'); //Tag Line // messages[39] = new Array( '39', //Booth Number 'Filler Metals LLC', //Company Name 'provides welding wire and pickling and passivation chemicals'); // messages[40] = new Array( '40', //Booth Number 'SGD Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures specialty gas equipment'); // messages[41] = new Array( '41', //Booth Number 'Specialty Gas Group', //Company Name 'provides specialty gases, equipment and services'); // messages[42] = new Array( '42', //Booth Number 'CryoVation LLC', //Company Name 'manufactures industrial and specialty gas filling systems'); // messages[43] = new Array( '43', //Booth Number 'Computers Unlimited', //Company Name 'provides software and hardware solutions', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[44] = new Array( '44', //Booth Number 'Gas Equipment Company', //Company Name 'is a warehouse distributor of in-process, transfer and control equipment'); // messages[45] = new Array( '45', //Booth Number 'ESAB Welding & Cutting', //Company Name 'produces welding and cutting products'); // messages[46] = new Array( '46', //Booth Number 'AlcoTec Wire Corporation', //Company Name 'manufactures aluminum weld wire'); // messages[47] = new Array( '47', //Booth Number 'Praxair, Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies atmospheric, process and specialty gases and related services and technologies'); // messages[48] = new Array( '48', //Booth Number 'Weldship Corporation', //Company Name 'supplies tube trailers, gas and liquid ISO containers, CO2 and propane transports'); // messages[49] = new Array( '49', //Booth Number 'Jackson Products', //Company Name 'provides welding safety products for the head, eyes, face and ears', 'Q'); //Tag Line // messages[50] = new Array( '50', //Booth Number 'Specialty Gas Publishing Inc.', //Company Name 'offers publications for distributors and producers of specialty/medical/scientific gases'); // messages[51] = new Array( '51', //Booth Number 'Thermacut', //Company Name 'supplies plasma cutting and welding and MIG and TIG welding aftermarket products'); // messages[52] = new Array( '52', //Booth Number 'Preston-Eastin Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures positioning and robotic positioning equipment'); // messages[53] = new Array( '53', //Booth Number 'John Tillman Co.', //Company Name 'manufactures protective welding gloves, clothing, blankets, curtains and screens'); // messages[54] = new Array( '54', //Booth Number 'Techalloy Company Inc.', //Company Name 'produces stainless steel and nickel alloys in solid wire forms and electrodes', 'Q'); //Tag Line // messages[55] = new Array( '55', //Booth Number 'Chart Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures a broad line of cryogenic products'); // messages[56] = new Array( '56', //Booth Number 'Thermadyne Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'is a multinational manufacturer of welding and cutting products', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[57] = new Array( '57', //Booth Number 'Carbide Industries LLC', //Company Name 'is a producer of calcium carbide products and acetylene'); // messages[58] = new Array( '58', //Booth Number 'Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.', //Company Name 'is a source provider of gases, gas handling equipment and purification systems'); // messages[59] = new Array( '59', //Booth Number 'Bohler Thyssen Welding', //Company Name 'produces a wide variety of welding consumables'); // messages[60] = new Array( '60', //Booth Number 'CONCOA', //Company Name 'manufactures precision gas flow control products for specialty gas, laser, medical and industrial markets'); // messages[61] = new Array( '61', //Booth Number 'Cyl-Tec Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies cylinder products and maintenance services for the compressed gas industry', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[62] = new Array( '62', //Booth Number 'PFERD Inc.', //Company Name 'produces files, mounted points, wire brushes, non-woven abrasives and the Polifan flap disk'); // messages[63] = new Array( '63', //Booth Number 'Acetylene Supply Company', //Company Name 'supplies acetylene and propane gases, ASCO torch equipment and cylinders'); // messages[64] = new Array( '64', //Booth Number 'Flame Technologies Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures direct replacement tips and gas apparatus'); // messages[65] = new Array( '65', //Booth Number 'Sellstrom Manufacturing Company', //Company Name 'manufactures personal protective equipment', 'Q'); //Tag Line // messages[66] = new Array( '66', //Booth Number 'Genstar Technologies Company Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies gas, welding, cutting and heating apparatus, HVAC/R products and arc welding accessories', 'L'); //Tag Line // messages[67] = new Array( '67', //Booth Number 'Illinois Tool Works Inc.', //Company Name 'produces fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products and equipment'); // messages[68] = new Array( '68', //Booth Number 'Norton Abrasives/ Carborundum Abrasives', //Company Name 'manufactures and distributes abrasives and related products'); // messages[69] = new Array( '69', //Booth Number 'Catalina Cylinders', //Company Name 'produces high and low pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders'); // messages[70] = new Array( '70', //Booth Number 'BMS Inc.', //Company Name 'offers HPG propylene products and integrated torch systems', 'M'); // messages[71] = new Array( '71', //Booth Number 'ELCo Incorporated', //Company Name 'manufactures weld wire dispensing and weld cell support equipment'); // messages[72] = new Array( '72', //Booth Number 'CTR', //Company Name 'provides cylinder fill plant equipment design and manufacturing, liquid cylinder repair and bulk tank remanufacturing'); // messages[73] = new Array( '73', //Booth Number 'Dataweld Incorporated', //Company Name 'provides accounting, cylinder tracking and mobile order processing'); // messages[74] = new Array( '74', //Booth Number 'Western Enterprises', //Company Name 'manufactures products for the control, storage and transmission of high pressure gases'); // messages[75] = new Array( '75', //Booth Number 'Gas and Air Systems Inc.', //Company Name 'packages and distributes industrial, specialty and process gas compressors and compressor systems'); // messages[76] = new Array( '76', //Booth Number 'Lenox', //Company Name 'provides band saw blades, sawing fluids, hand tools and power tool accessories'); // messages[77] = new Array( '77', //Booth Number 'BOC Gases', //Company Name 'produces industrial, medical, special, rare and shielding gases and related equipment'); // messages[78] = new Array( '78', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[79] = new Array( '79', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[80] = new Array( '80', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[81] = new Array( '81', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[82] = new Array( '82', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[83] = new Array( '83', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[84] = new Array( '84', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[85] = new Array( '85', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[86] = new Array( '86', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[87] = new Array( '87', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[88] = new Array( '88', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[89] = new Array( '89', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[90] = new Array( '90', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[91] = new Array( '91', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[92] = new Array( '92', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[93] = new Array( '93', //Booth Number 'Ratermann Mfg. Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures fill plant supplies for specialty, medical and industrial gases'); // messages[94] = new Array( '94', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[95] = new Array( '95', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[96] = new Array( '96', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[97] = new Array( '97', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[98] = new Array( '98', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[99] = new Array( '99', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[100] = new Array( '100', //Booth Number 'Hewlett Packard', //Company Name 'provides IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services, and imaging and printing'); // messages[101] = new Array( '101', //Booth Number 'Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Inc.', //Company Name 'provides equipment financing and leasing solutions'); // messages[102] = new Array( '102', //Booth Number 'Steiner Industries', //Company Name 'manufactures protective clothing, gloves and welding supplies'); // messages[103] = new Array( '103', //Booth Number 'Worthington Cylinder Corporation', //Company Name 'offers a complete line of pressure cylinder vessels'); // messages[104] = new Array( '104', //Booth Number 'Taylor Data Systems', //Company Name 'provides wireless and mobile technology solutions'); // messages[105] = new Array( '105', //Booth Number 'Tregaskiss Ltd.', //Company Name 'produces air- and water-cooled manual and robotic welding guns'); // messages[106] = new Array( '106', //Booth Number 'xxx', //Company Name 'xxx xxx'); // messages[107] = new Array( '107', //Booth Number 'American Welding Society', //Company Name 'is a nonprofit organization to advance the science, technology and application of welding and related joining disciplines'); // //////////////////// END OF CUSTOMIZATION AREA /////////////////// // to layout display box, 3-row table, booth number centered in top cell // company name centered in middle cell, tag line and (opt) click msg in bottom // the following go in var tip in doTooltip function // startStr goes before boothnum, mid1Str goes between boothnum and company name // mid2Str goes between comp name and tag line // clickStr goes before click msg when applicable var startStr = '
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May 5-6, 2004
Crystal City, Virginia
Printer Friendly Exhibitor List
To view information about Exhibitors, simply move your mouse across the booths.
Clicking on yellow booths will display product information for that Exhibitor.
Exhibitors and booth assignments are accurate as of April 27, 2004.
Booth numbers and floor plan are subject to change.


Contact Booth Exhibitor List
Abicor Binzel Corp.   17 Kaplan Industries Inc.     7
Acetylene Supply Company   63 Lenox   76
The Acme Cryogenics Group   35 The Lincoln Electric Company   24
Air Liquide America     1 Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.   58
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.   16 MG Industries/Messer     2
AlcoTec Wire Corporation   46 National-Standard Company   21
American Standard Manufacturing    4 Norris Cylinder Company   28
American Welding Society 107 Norton Abrasives/Carborundum Abrasives   68
ArcOne   20 OKI Bering   31
BMS Inc.   70 ORS Nasco   18
BOC Gases   77 PFERD Inc.   62
Bohler Thyssen Welding   59 Praxair, Inc.   47
Carbide Industries LLC   57 Preston-Eastin Inc.   52
Catalina Cylinders   69 Quality Cryogenics   34
Cavagna North America Inc.   33 Ratermann Mfg. Inc.   93
Ceodeux Inc.   27 Ray Murray Inc.   37
Chart Industries Inc.   55 Revco Industries Inc.   22
Computers Unlimited   43 Rexarc International Inc.   14
CONCOA   60 SafTCart     8
Cramer-Decker Industries   19 Schaefer-Smith-Ankeney Insurance Agency     5
Cryogenic Industries   23 Sellstrom Manufacturing Company   65
Cryostar-USA     9 SGD Inc.   40
CryoVation LLC   42 Specialty Gas Group   41
CTR   72 Specialty Gas Publishing Inc.   50
Cyl-Tec Inc.   61 Stanco Manufacturing Inc.   11
Dataweld Incorporated   73 Steiner Industries 102
Direct Wire and Cable   10 Superior Products Inc.   32
ELCo Incorporated   71 Taylor Data Systems 104
ESAB Welding & Cutting   45 Taylor-Wharton/Harsco Gas & Fluid Control Group   30
FIBA Technologies Inc.   26 Techalloy Company Inc.   54
Filler Metals LLC   39 Thermacut   51
Flame Technologies Inc.   64 Thermadyne Industries Inc.   56
Gas & Air Systems Inc.   75 TrackAbout Inc.   13
Gas Equipment Company   44 Tregaskiss Ltd. 105
GAWDA Consultants   15 Unisource Manufacturing Inc.   29
Genstar Technologies Company Inc.   66 Uniweld Products Inc.     6
Harris Calorific Inc.   25 WDPG/Americana Programs   38
Hewlett Packard 100 Weldcoa   12
Hypertherm     3 Weldship Corporation   48
Illinois Tool Works Inc.   67 Wells Fargo Equipment Finance Inc. 101
Infonetics Inc.   36 Western Enterprises   74
Jackson Products   49 Worthington Cylinder Corporation 103
John Tillman Co.   53    

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