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//Tag Line // messages[1] = new Array( '502', //Booth Number 'Advance Storage Products', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures steel storage products'); //Tag Line // messages[2] = new Array( '102', //Booth Number 'Albion Industries, Inc.', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of special, custom and standard casters and wheels', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[3] = new Array( '114', //Booth Number 'American Vulko-Tread Corporation', //Company Name 'is a supplier of polyurethane industrial wheels and tires'); //Tag Line // messages[4] = new Array( '426', //Booth Number 'Ametek Prestolite Power', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures industrial battery chargers', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[5] = new Array( '317', //Booth Number 'Atlas Lift Truck Rental & Sales', //Company Name 'offers a complete line of Toyota products'); //Tag Line // messages[6] = new Array( '206', //Booth Number 'AWP Industries, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures wire mesh material handling storage products'); //Tag Line // messages[7] = new Array( '303', //Booth Number 'Base Manufacturing', //Company Name 'provides roll-formed and structural products', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[8] = new Array( '515', //Booth Number 'Basiloid Products Corp.', //Company Name 'offers the "Lift-A-Pliance" attachment for lifting folded cap cartons', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[9] = new Array( '526', //Booth Number 'BEB Software Systems, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides software for sales, service and rental divisions'); //Tag Line // messages[10] = new Array( '404', //Booth Number 'Brudi Bolzoni Auramo, Inc.', //Company Name 'specializes in products for the palletless handling, general handling, and pulp and paper industries'); //Tag Line // messages[11] = new Array( '210', //Booth Number 'BT Prime-Mover, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides hand pallet trucks supported with quality construction techniques'); //Tag Line // messages[12] = new Array( '109', //Booth Number 'Carer North America', //Company Name 'manufactures 43 models of electric forklift trucks'); //Tag Line // messages[13] = new Array( '224', //Booth Number 'Carney Battery Handling Ltd.', //Company Name 'designs, manufactures and installs battery handling equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[14] = new Array( '410', //Booth Number 'Cascade Corporation', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of lift truck attachments and related products'); //Tag Line // messages[15] = new Array( '116', //Booth Number 'CitiCapital', //Company Name 'is a provider of financing solutions to the material handling marketplace'); //Tag Line // messages[16] = new Array( '511', //Booth Number 'Columbia ParCar Corp.', //Company Name 'manufactures gas and electric powered vehicles'); //Tag Line // messages[17] = new Array( '328', //Booth Number 'Comerica Bank', //Company Name 'provides wholesale financing options'); //Tag Line // messages[18] = new Array( '524', //Booth Number 'Crown Battery Manufacturing Company', //Company Name 'offers a complete line of industrial batteries'); //Tag Line // messages[19] = new Array( '108', //Booth Number 'DC Velocity Magazine', //Company Name 'delivers editorial focusing on the needs of distribution center executives'); //Tag Line // messages[20] = new Array( '200', //Booth Number 'De Lage Landen Financial Services', //Company Name 'offers financial solutions for dealers and manufacturers', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[21] = new Array( '507', //Booth Number 'Douglas Battery Mfg. Co., Inc.', //Company Name 'is one of the largest family-owned and operated battery companies in the U.S.'); //Tag Line // messages[22] = new Array( '307', //Booth Number 'Dyna Rack', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of portable stacking racks'); //Tag Line // messages[23] = new Array( '418', //Booth Number 'East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures Deka batteries and chargers', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[24] = new Array( '225', //Booth Number 'FKI Logistex', //Company Name 'is a single-point provider of automated material flow solutions'); //Tag Line // messages[25] = new Array( '103', //Booth Number 'EnerSys Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures a broad line of batteries and chargers'); //Tag Line // messages[26] = new Array( '321', //Booth Number 'Engine Power Source', //Company Name 'is a supplier of new and remanufactured engines'); //Tag Line // messages[27] = new Array( '104', //Booth Number 'Engineered Products', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of storage racks and material handling systems'); //Tag Line // messages[28] = new Array( '226', //Booth Number 'Equipment Data Associates', //Company Name 'provides databases of active buyers of equipment', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[29] = new Array( '202', //Booth Number 'EquipmentWatch', //Company Name 'is a trusted source for material handling data'); //Tag Line // messages[30] = new Array( '300', //Booth Number 'Ermanco, Inc.', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures material handling components and integrated systems', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[31] = new Array( '222', //Booth Number 'Falkenroth, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides fork arm products for lift trucks, loaders and aerial lifting equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[32] = new Array( '311', //Booth Number 'Faultless-Nutting Division, Faultless Caster', //Company Name 'manufactures a range of non-powered material handling equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[33] = new Array( '528', //Booth Number 'Franz Kahl Material Handling', //Company Name 'supplies manual handling equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[34] = new Array( '127', //Booth Number 'Gillis Associated Industries', //Company Name 'provides manufactured material handling and storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[35] = new Array( '212', //Booth Number 'Exide Technologies', //Company Name 'offers a line of batteries for motive power applications'); //Tag Line // messages[36] = new Array( '100', //Booth Number 'Hallowell, div. of List Industries, Inc.', //Company Name 'produces custom-designed and ready-to-use lockers'); //Tag Line // messages[37] = new Array( '402', //Booth Number 'Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Company', //Company Name 'manufactures industrial casters, wheels, carts and in-plant trailers', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[38] = new Array( '205', //Booth Number 'Hawker', //Company Name 'manufactures lead-acid batteries', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[39] = new Array( '400', //Booth Number 'Interlake Material Handling, Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies completely integrated order fulfillment systems'); //Tag Line // messages[40] = new Array( '406', //Booth Number 'International Cordage East', //Company Name 'manufactures synthetic safety netting and other synthetic materials', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[41] = new Array( '207', //Booth Number 'Intrupa Manufacturing Co.', //Company Name 'provides a large inventory of replacement parts for forklift trucks and in-plant maintenance equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[42] = new Array( '110', //Booth Number 'J&D Associates', //Company Name 'designs, manufactures, installs and services motorized vertical carousel storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[43] = new Array( '118', //Booth Number 'Kardex Systems/Interex Group', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of automated storage and retrieval systems'); //Tag Line // messages[44] = new Array( '504', //Booth Number 'Keytroller, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures programmable, keyless ignition systems'); //Tag Line // messages[45] = new Array( '523', //Booth Number 'Kingway/INCA Metals', //Company Name 'provides material handling and storage solutions'); //Tag Line // messages[46] = new Array( '127', //Booth Number 'Leggett & Platt/Jarke/Gillis Assoc. Ind.', //Company Name 'provides manufactured material handling and storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[47] = new Array( '105', //Booth Number 'Lift Truck Guru', //Company Name 'provides comprehensive, competitive lift truck comparisons'); //Tag Line // messages[48] = new Array( '424', //Booth Number 'Lift Technologies', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of masts, carriages, integral sideshifters and integral fork positioners'); //Tag Line // messages[49] = new Array( '407', //Booth Number 'LPM-Lift Parts Manufacturing', //Company Name 'is a supplier of material handling replacement parts'); //Tag Line // messages[50] = new Array( '525', //Booth Number 'Lyon Workspace Products, LLC', //Company Name 'provides rack and shelving, ergonomic seating and workstations, and storage and safety cabinets'); //Tag Line // messages[51] = new Array( '304', //Booth Number 'MITL', //Company Name 'manufactures industrial tires'); //Tag Line // messages[52] = new Array( '306', //Booth Number 'Mallard Manufacturing Corp.', //Company Name 'provides high-density, gravity flow storage solutions', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[53] = new Array( '329', //Booth Number 'Mecalux', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of rack and shelving'); //Tag Line // messages[54] = new Array( '201', //Booth Number 'Millennium Falcon Wheel', //Company Name 'manufactures polyurethane and natural rubber tires'); //Tag Line // messages[55] = new Array( '319', //Booth Number 'Minitrac Computer System Solutions', //Company Name 'provides communications, national database access, and graphical interface network connections', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[56] = new Array( '519', //Booth Number 'MMD/Parts Power Plus', //Company Name 'distributes wheel loaders, lift trucks, generators, welders, compact excavators and air compressors'); //Tag Line // messages[57] = new Array( '301', //Booth Number 'Modern Equipment Company, Inc. (MECO OMAHA)', //Company Name 'manufactures material handling and storage equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[58] = new Array( '325', //Booth Number 'Modern Materials Handling', //Company Name 'circulates to manufacturing and warehousing managers and engineers'); //Tag Line // messages[59] = new Array( '117', //Booth Number 'Morse Manufacturing Company, Inc.', //Company Name 'specializes in equipment for handling drums and barrels'); //Tag Line // messages[60] = new Array( '326', //Booth Number 'MSI Mechforge', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures fork-arms'); //Tag Line // messages[61] = new Array( '323', //Booth Number 'Multiton MIC Corporation', //Company Name 'manufactures electrical and manual propelled material handling equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[62] = new Array( '405', //Booth Number 'Nashville Wire Products', //Company Name 'provides wire mesh products'); //Tag Line // messages[63] = new Array( '505', //Booth Number 'NDS Solutions', //Company Name 'provides QuipWare information technology', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[64] = new Array( '216', //Booth Number 'Pflow Industries, Inc.', //Company Name 'is a manufacturer of vertical conveyors'); //Tag Line // messages[65] = new Array( '427/429', //Booth Number 'Polymer Logistics', //Company Name 'is a supplier of high-performance plastic packaging'); //Tag Line // messages[66] = new Array( '313', //Booth Number 'Prest Rack, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures a variety of rack systems'); //Tag Line // messages[67] = new Array( '125', //Booth Number 'Primex Industrial Tire', //Company Name 'offers over 50 different kinds of industrial tires'); //Tag Line // messages[68] = new Array( '112', //Booth Number 'The Protectoseal Company', //Company Name 'supplies carton grips, safety cans and cabinets', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[69] = new Array( '420', //Booth Number 'P. W. Platforms, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures steel and aluminum rolling ladders, work platforms and conveyor crossers'); //Tag Line // messages[70] = new Array( '309', //Booth Number 'Ralphs-Pugh Co. Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures conveyor rollers and associated components'); //Tag Line // messages[71] = new Array( '121', //Booth Number 'Rehrig Pacific Company', //Company Name 'produces returnable material handling containers', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[72] = new Array( '416', //Booth Number 'Republic Storage Systems', //Company Name 'offers a complete line of products for retail and industrial storage'); //Tag Line // messages[73] = new Array( '203', //Booth Number 'Roura Iron Works, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures self-dumping hoppers', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[74] = new Array( '422', //Booth Number 'Saint-Gobain', //Company Name "is the world's largest producer of high-performance polymers"); //Tag Line // messages[75] = new Array( '425', //Booth Number 'Silk Systems', //Company Name 'provides software solutions to address dealer management needs'); //Tag Line // messages[76] = new Array( '106', //Booth Number 'Sinco, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures safety netting systems'); //Tag Line // messages[77] = new Array( '227', //Booth Number 'Skarnes, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides casters, conveyor systems and high-density storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[78] = new Array( '517', //Booth Number 'Solideal Tire, Inc.', //Company Name "is the world's largest industrial tire manufacturer"); //Tag Line // messages[79] = new Array( '119', //Booth Number 'SpaceRak div EWCO', //Company Name 'manufactures roll-formed and structural products in selective and cantilever rack', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[80] = new Array( '327', //Booth Number 'Starrco Company', //Company Name 'manufactures pre-engineered modular systems'); //Tag Line // messages[81] = new Array( '302', //Booth Number 'Steel King Industries', //Company Name 'offers pallet rack, pushback and flow storage, containers and protective guarding systems'); //Tag Line // messages[82] = new Array( '229', //Booth Number 'Steele Solutions Incorporated', //Company Name 'provides custom steel mezzanines'); //Tag Line // messages[83] = new Array( '101', //Booth Number 'Summit Metal Products, Inc.', //Company Name 'produces corrugated steel deck and sheet metal products for racks and mezzanines'); //Tag Line // messages[84] = new Array( '403', //Booth Number 'Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.', //Company Name 'manufactures solid rubber and polyurethane industrial tires'); //Tag Line // messages[85] = new Array( '107', //Booth Number 'Systems Material Handling', //Company Name 'offers the Information Resource Management Network, a private intranet for ordering parts'); //Tag Line // messages[86] = new Array( '513', //Booth Number 'Tailift USA', //Company Name 'is the exclusive North American distributor of Tailift forklifts', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[87] = new Array( '204', //Booth Number 'Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation', //Company Name 'provides custom-designed storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[88] = new Array( '305', //Booth Number 'TGW, Inc.', //Company Name 'specializes in mini load and unit load storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[89] = new Array( '412', //Booth Number 'Thombert, Inc.', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures polyurethane wheels and tires'); //Tag Line // messages[90] = new Array( '123', //Booth Number 'Torbeck Industries', //Company Name 'produces platforms, engineered products and safety equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[91] = new Array( '506', //Booth Number 'Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures solid rubber industrial tires', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[92] = new Array( '428', //Booth Number 'Tri-boro Shelving & Partition Corp.', //Company Name 'provides solutions, equipment and programs for all storage needs'); //Tag Line // messages[93] = new Array( '218', //Booth Number 'Unarco Material Handling', //Company Name 'manufactures pallet rack and storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[94] = new Array( '208', //Booth Number 'Unex Manufacturing, Inc.', //Company Name 'offers Span-Track, a full-width roller, shelfless carton flow rack'); //Tag Line // messages[95] = new Array( '129', //Booth Number 'W.A. Schmidt, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures custom-built and modular structural mezzanines'); //Tag Line // messages[96] = new Array( '408', //Booth Number 'WennSoft, Inc.', //Company Name 'develops industrial business solutions and Internet applications', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[97] = new Array( '220', //Booth Number 'Wesley International', //Company Name 'manufactures material handling equipment and electric vehicles'); //Tag Line // messages[98] = new Array( '113', //Booth Number 'Western Pacific Storage Systems', //Company Name 'manufactures shelving and storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[99] = new Array( '324', //Booth Number '3D Storage Systems Limited', //Company Name 'is a full-service provider of dynamic storage components', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // //////////////////// END OF CUSTOMIZATION AREA /////////////////// // to layout display box, 3-row table, booth number centered in top cell // company name centered in middle cell, tag line and (opt) click msg in bottom // the following go in var tip in doTooltip function // startStr goes before boothnum, mid1Str goes between boothnum and company name // mid2Str goes between comp name and tag line // clickStr goes before click msg when applicable var startStr = '
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Click on Booth for
Product Information
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MHEDA's Annual Manufacturers' Fair
To view information about Exhibitors, simply move your mouse across the booths.
Clicking on yellow booths will display product information for that Exhibitor.

(Exhibitors and booth assignments are accurate as of April 29, 2003.)
Booth numbers and floor plan are subject to change.

Not drawn to scale