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//Tag Line // messages[2] = new Array( '13', //Booth Number 'All Points Capital', //Company Name 'offers credit lines to independent vehicle lessors and equipment leasing to third-party originators'); //Tag Line // messages[3] = new Array( '37', //Booth Number 'Auto Auction Services Corporation', //Company Name 'provides wholesale auto auction Internet software systems'); //Tag Line // messages[4] = new Array( '5', //Booth Number 'Autobytel, Inc.', //Company Name "is an Internet automotive marketing services company"); //Tag Line // messages[5] = new Array( '17', //Booth Number 'Auto Driveaway Co.', //Company Name 'provides vehicle transport service'); //Tag Line // messages[6] = new Array( '22', //Booth Number 'CBIZ Property Tax Solutions, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides property tax compliance services'); //Tag Line // messages[7] = new Array( '23', //Booth Number 'Consumer Credit Compliance Company, LLC/Counselor Library', //Company Name 'publishes CARLAW, a monthly reporting service'); //Tag Line // messages[8] = new Array( '30', //Booth Number 'Crawford & Company', //Company Name 'provides paperless lease end, EOT and other vehicle inspections and vehicle damage appraisals'); //Tag Line // messages[9] = new Array( 'V2, V3, V4', //Booth Number 'DaimlerChrysler Fleet Operations', //Company Name 'is a global provider of automotive and transportation products and services', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[10] = new Array( '2', //Booth Number 'Denovus Corporation, Ltd.', //Company Name 'is a collection and receivables management company'); //Tag Line // messages[11] = new Array( 'V7, V8, V9, V10, 26, 27', //Booth Number 'Ford North American Fleet Operations', //Company Name 'supplies vehicles to the commercial fleet market'); //Tag Line // messages[12] = new Array( '8', //Booth Number 'Group 1 Software', //Company Name 'provides CRM-enabling software solutions'); //Tag Line // messages[13] = new Array( '36', //Booth Number 'International Automotive Remarketing Alliance', //Company Name 'is a representative organization for vehicle remarketing groups'); //Tag Line // messages[14] = new Array( '18', //Booth Number 'Lease Tracking Services, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides insurance, insurance tracking and business consulting programs', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[15] = new Array( '16', //Booth Number 'LexisNexis Document Solutions, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides nationwide vehicle titling, registration, document preparation and searching services', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[16] = new Array( '28, 29', //Booth Number 'Remarketing Solutions', //Company Name 'is a global remarketing organization'); //Tag Line // messages[17] = new Array( 'V11, V12', //Booth Number 'Nissan North America, Inc.', //Company Name 'markets and distributes cars and trucks'); //Tag Line // messages[18] = new Array( '3', //Booth Number 'PDP Group', //Company Name 'provides lease tracking and insurance verification services'); //Tag Line // messages[19] = new Array( '38', //Booth Number 'Philadelphia Insurance Companies', //Company Name 'designs and underwrites property casualty insurance', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[20] = new Array( '24', //Booth Number 'Portfolio Financial Servicing Co., Inc.', //Company Name 'provides portfolio administration and management, technical consulting, and portfolio conversion'); //Tag Line // messages[21] = new Array( '25', //Booth Number 'RVI Group', //Company Name "is the world's largest specialist in residual value insurance"); //Tag Line // messages[22] = new Array( '19', //Booth Number 'Sovereign Vehicle Funding', //Company Name 'provides vehicle lease financing'); //Tag Line // messages[23] = new Array( '21', //Booth Number 'Tracking Services Consultants, Inc.', //Company Name 'tracks commercial and consumer loans and leases'); //Tag Line // messages[24] = new Array( '25', //Booth Number 'Tri-Arc Financial Services, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides insurance coverages and services'); //Tag Line // messages[25] = new Array( '14', //Booth Number 'van Wagenen Financial Services, Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies a vehicle lease insurance tracking system'); //Tag Line // messages[26] = new Array( '7', //Booth Number 'Williams & Stazzone Insurance Agency', //Company Name 'provides insurance products and services', //Tag Line 'Y'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[27] = new Array( '39, 40, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, V15, V16, V17, V18', //Booth Number 'General Motors Fleet & Commercial', //Company Name 'accounts for approximately 1.4 million vehicle sales annually'); //Tag Line // messages[28] = new Array( '20', //Booth Number 'Reynolds and Reynolds', //Company Name 'provides integrated product, service, training and technology solutions'); //Tag Line // //////////////////// END OF CUSTOMIZATION AREA /////////////////// // to layout display box, 3-row table, booth number centered in top cell // company name centered in middle cell, tag line and (opt) click msg in bottom // the following go in var tip in doTooltip function // startStr goes before boothnum, mid1Str goes between boothnum and company name // mid2Str goes between comp name and tag line // clickStr goes before click msg when applicable var startStr = '
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Click on Booth for
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National Vehicle Leasing Association
To view information about Exhibitors, simply move your mouse across the booths and vehicle locations.
Clicking on yellow booths and vehicle locations will display product information for that Exhibitor.

(Exhibitors and booth assignments are accurate as of May 6, 2003.)
Booth numbers and floor plan are subject to change.

San Diego Marriott Hotel Exhibit Hall San Diego Marriott Hotel Exhibit Hall