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//Tag Line // messages[2] = new Array( '208', //Booth Number 'Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation', //Company Name 'manufactures rack and shelf storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[3] = new Array( '228', //Booth Number 'The Andersen Company', //Company Name 'manufactures mats for industrial and commercial use'); //Tag Line // messages[4] = new Array( '244', //Booth Number 'Faultless-Nutting Division', //Company Name 'manufactures trailers for a variety of applications'); //Tag Line // messages[5] = new Array( '310', //Booth Number 'Columbus McKinnon Corporation', //Company Name 'provides overhead & lifting equipment and below/hook equipment', 'P'); //Tag Line // messages[6] = new Array( '316', //Booth Number "Goff's Enterprises", //Company Name 'manufactures industrial partitioning systems'); //Tag Line //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[7] = new Array( '341', //Booth Number 'Morse Manufacturing Company Inc.', //Company Name 'specializes in equipment for handling drums and barrels'); //Tag Line //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[8] = new Array( '342', //Booth Number 'JLG Industries', //Company Name 'produces mobile aerial work platforms'); //Tag Line // messages[9] = new Array( '413', //Booth Number 'Systems Material Handling Company', //Company Name 'designs, manufactures and distributes TotalSource parts and accessories'); //Tag Line // messages[10] = new Array( '418', //Booth Number 'Dane Industries', //Company Name 'develops battery-operated power assist machines'); //Tag Line // messages[11] = new Array( '428', //Booth Number 'Tri Boro Shelving & Partition', //Company Name 'manufactures steel shelving and other storage products'); //Tag Line // messages[12] = new Array( '432', //Booth Number 'Ridg-U-Rak Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures standard rack designs'); //Tag Line // messages[13] = new Array( '442', //Booth Number 'AmbaFlex Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies specialty conveyor'); //Tag Line // messages[14] = new Array( '458', //Booth Number 'Lista International Corp.', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures modular storage and workspace systems'); //Tag Line // messages[15] = new Array( '469', //Booth Number 'Hodge div The Durham Manufacturing Co.', //Company Name 'offers products for parts storage, organization and handling'); //Tag Line // messages[16] = new Array( '551', //Booth Number 'AMETEK Prestolite Power and Switch', //Company Name 'manufactures electrical contactors and switchgear components'); //Tag Line // messages[17] = new Array( '626', //Booth Number 'Aker Wade/Enersys', //Company Name 'manufactures fast charger systems and batteries for forklifts and electric vehicles'); //Pop-Up Flag if Pop-Up // messages[18] = new Array( '632', //Booth Number 'Knapp Logistics & Automation, Inc.', //Company Name 'provides logistics integration services'); //Tag Line // messages[19] = new Array( '639', //Booth Number 'Ermanco Incorporated', //Company Name 'supplies material handling technologies'); //Tag Line // messages[20] = new Array( '643', //Booth Number 'Steel King Industries, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures rack, industrial containers and guard rail'); //Tag Line // messages[21] = new Array( '653', //Booth Number 'Advance Storage Products', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures structural racks and storage products'); //Tag Line // messages[22] = new Array( '957', //Booth Number 'Bishamon Industries Corporation', //Company Name 'manufactures ergonomic lifting and positioning equipment'); //Tag Line // messages[23] = new Array( '962', //Booth Number 'J & D Associates', //Company Name 'manufactures, installs and services motorized vertical carousel storage systems'); // messages[24] = new Array( '1006', //Booth Number 'FKI Logistex', //Company Name 'manufactures conveyors and sorters'); // messages[25] = new Array( '1032', //Booth Number 'Hanel Storage Systems', //Company Name 'provides automated storage and retrieval solutions'); // messages[26] = new Array( '1053', //Booth Number 'AeroVironment Inc.', //Company Name 'develops and manufactures fast charge systems'); // messages[27] = new Array( '1054', //Booth Number 'Basiloid Products Corp.', //Company Name "offers the 'Lift-A-Pliance' attachment for lift trucks"); // messages[28] = new Array( '1064', //Booth Number 'East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures Deka batteries and chargers'); // messages[29] = new Array( '1157', //Booth Number 'Hilman Rollers Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures heavy load moving solutions'); // messages[30] = new Array( '1159', //Booth Number 'Tennsco', //Company Name 'offers workstations, workbenches, shelving and storage products'); // messages[31] = new Array( '1206', //Booth Number 'FKI Logistex', //Company Name 'manufactures case and unit handling conveyors'); // messages[32] = new Array( '1213', //Booth Number 'Mecalux USA, Inc.', //Company Name 'offers storage solutions to small, medium and major businesses'); //Tag Line // messages[33] = new Array( '1218', //Booth Number 'HK Systems', //Company Name 'provides automated material handling and supply chain software '); //Tag Line // messages[34] = new Array( '1228', //Booth Number 'UNEX Manufacturing Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures carton flow products'); // messages[35] = new Array( '1241', //Booth Number 'Lyon Worskspace Products LLC', //Company Name 'provides rack, shelving, ergonomic workstations, storage and safety cabinets'); // messages[36] = new Array( '1256', //Booth Number 'Valley Craft, Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures drum handling devices, trailers, cabinets and hand trucks'); // messages[37] = new Array( '1269', //Booth Number 'Hallowell, div List Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures and custom designs locker rooms and storage environments'); // messages[38] = new Array( '1457', //Booth Number 'Mallard Manufacturing Corporation', //Company Name 'provides high-density, gravity flow storage solutions'); //Tag Line // messages[39] = new Array( '1466', //Booth Number 'IAC Industries', //Company Name 'manufactures ergonomically designed workbenches and material handling products'); // messages[40] = new Array( '1513', //Booth Number 'GNB Industrial Power div Exide Technologies', //Company Name 'provides motive power battery and charger systems'); // messages[41] = new Array( '1518', //Booth Number 'American Wire Products', //Company Name 'manufactures wire mesh products'); // messages[42] = new Array( '1521', //Booth Number 'Frazier Industrial Company', //Company Name 'designs and engineers structural steel storage systems'); // messages[43] = new Array( '1524', //Booth Number 'Nashville Wire Products', //Company Name 'offers wire mesh decking and containers', 'P'); //Tag Line // messages[44] = new Array( '1527', //Booth Number 'Beumer Corporation', //Company Name 'provides high-speed sorter systems'); // messages[45] = new Array( '1532', //Booth Number 'Interlake Material Handling Inc.', //Company Name 'provides storage rack and integrated solutions'); // messages[46] = new Array( '1557', //Booth Number 'Configura', //Company Name 'offers space planning and calculation software '); // messages[47] = new Array( '1564', //Booth Number 'Penco Products Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures storage products'); // messages[48] = new Array( '1570', //Booth Number 'JET, WMH Tool Group', //Company Name 'supplies overhead lifting, shop and warehouse equipment'); // messages[49] = new Array( '1575', //Booth Number 'Engineered Products', //Company Name 'designs storage systems'); //Tag Line // messages[50] = new Array( '1728', //Booth Number 'J&L Wire Cloth Company, Inc.', //Company Name 'supplies welded wire decking'); // messages[51] = new Array( '1741', //Booth Number 'Wesley International', //Company Name 'manufactures electric vehicles and pallet trucks'); // messages[52] = new Array( '1756', //Booth Number 'WireCrafters LLC', //Company Name 'designs wire partition systems'); // messages[53] = new Array( '1758', //Booth Number 'Enersys Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures batteries and chargers'); // messages[54] = new Array( '1775', //Booth Number 'Douglas Battery Manufacturing Company Inc.', //Company Name 'provides batteries for power replacement'); //Tag Line // messages[55] = new Array( '1806', //Booth Number 'Hyster Company', //Company Name 'markets and manufactures lift trucks'); // messages[56] = new Array( '1828', //Booth Number 'Hawker', //Company Name 'manufactures lead-acid batteries for industrial electric vehicles'); //Tag Line // messages[57] = new Array( '1838', //Booth Number 'Darcor Casters', //Company Name 'manufactures ergonomically designed casters and wheels'); // messages[58] = new Array( '1845', //Booth Number 'Paltier LLC', //Company Name 'manufactures storage rack systems'); // messages[59] = new Array( '1850', //Booth Number 'Pflow Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'offers complete vertical lifting solutions'); // messages[60] = new Array( '1869', //Booth Number 'Cogan Wire & Metal Products Ltd.', //Company Name 'provides space management solutions'); // messages[61] = new Array( '1879', //Booth Number 'Harris Waste Management Group Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures vertical and horizontal balers'); //Tag Line // messages[62] = new Array( '1880', //Booth Number 'Liftow Ltd.', //Company Name 'provides automated systems'); // messages[63] = new Array( '1913', //Booth Number 'Sterling Net & Twine Co., Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures high-strength flexible net barriers'); // messages[64] = new Array( '1923', //Booth Number 'Equipto', //Company Name 'provides integrated storage and work area solutions'); // messages[65] = new Array( '1937', //Booth Number 'Leggett & Platt Material Handling Gillis Jarke', //Company Name 'provides material handling and storage products'); //Tag Line // messages[66] = new Array( '1948', //Booth Number 'Albion Industries Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures casters and wheels'); //Tag Line // messages[67] = new Array( '1959', //Booth Number 'Ralphs-Pugh Company', //Company Name 'manufactures conveyor rollers and components'); // messages[68] = new Array( '1962', //Booth Number 'Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.', //Company Name 'manufactures industrial casters, wheels, carts and in-plant trailers'); // messages[69] = new Array( '1971', //Booth Number 'Mars Air Doors', //Company Name 'manufactures air curtains'); // messages[70] = new Array( '2006', //Booth Number 'Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems Inc.', //Company Name 'provides material handling automation systems'); // messages[71] = new Array( '2032', //Booth Number 'Yale Materials Handling Corporation', //Company Name 'provides lift trucks and material handling solutions'); // messages[72] = new Array( '2040', //Booth Number 'Landoll Corp.', //Company Name 'manufactures Bendi and Drexel very narrow aisle forklifts'); // messages[73] = new Array( '2056', //Booth Number 'Sackett Systems, Inc.', //Company Name 'designs, engineers and manufactures battery handling equipment'); // messages[74] = new Array( '2062', //Booth Number 'Borroughs Corporation', //Company Name 'manufactures steel storage systems and filing equipment'); // messages[75] = new Array( '2064', //Booth Number 'ITC Manufacturing', //Company Name 'supplies welded wire mesh decking'); // messages[76] = new Array( '2260', //Booth Number 'Universal Electric Corporation', //Company Name 'manufactures power distribution system products, crane electrification and trolley systems'); // messages[77] = new Array( '2261', //Booth Number 'Boston Gear, Formsprag Clutch, Warner Electric', //Company Name 'manufacture transmission components, clutches and motion control products'); // messages[78] = new Array( '2261', //Booth Number 'Formsprag Clutch', //Company Name 'supplies clutches for the industrial and aerospace industries'); // messages[79] = new Array( '2261', //Booth Number 'Warner Electric', //Company Name 'manufactures products for the industrial power transmission market'); // messages[80] = new Array( '2263', //Booth Number 'Crown Battery', //Company Name 'manufactures industrial batteries and chargers'); // messages[81] = new Array( '2265', //Booth Number 'ECOA Industrial Products Inc.', //Company Name 'develops customized equipment for unique applications'); // messages[82] = new Array( '2303', //Booth Number 'Unarco Material Handling', //Company Name 'manufactures pallet rack and storage systems'); // messages[83] = new Array( '2313', //Booth Number 'Daifuku American Corporation', //Company Name 'implements manufacturing and distribution systems'); // messages[84] = new Array( '2336', //Booth Number 'Wildeck Inc.', //Company Name 'custom engineers mezzanines, conveyor support structures and fully welded stair systems'); // messages[85] = new Array( '2340', //Booth Number 'Starrco Company Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures pre-engineered modular systems', 'L'); // messages[86] = new Array( '2343', //Booth Number 'Rockwell Automation', //Company Name 'provides automation technologies and services', 'L'); // messages[87] = new Array( '2348', //Booth Number 'Prest Rack Inc.', //Company Name 'manufactures storage systems'); // messages[88] = new Array( '2363', //Booth Number 'Frog Navigation Systems', //Company Name 'develops automated guided vehicles systems'); // messages[89] = new Array( '2375', //Booth Number 'Thombert Inc.', //Company Name 'designs and manufactures polyurethane wheels and tires'); // messages[90] = new Array( '2532', //Booth Number 'United Steel Products', //Company Name 'designs, manufactures and integrates storage rack systems'); // messages[91] = new Array( '2571', //Booth Number 'Eagle MHC', //Company Name 'provides material handling storage and systems'); // messages[92] = new Array( '2677', //Booth Number 'Pacific Westeel', //Company Name 'provides material handling and storage system solutions'); // messages[93] = new Array( '2808', //Booth Number 'Stanley Vidmar', //Company Name 'manufactures high-density modular storage drawer systems'); // messages[94] = new Array( '2815', //Booth Number 'Bulldog Rack Co.', //Company Name 'fabricates custom parts and manufactures storage products'); // // //////////////////// END OF CUSTOMIZATION AREA /////////////////// // to layout display box, 3-row table, booth number centered in top cell // company name centered in middle cell, tag line and (opt) click msg in bottom // the following go in var tip in doTooltip function // startStr goes before boothnum, mid1Str goes between boothnum and company name // mid2Str goes between comp name and tag line // clickStr goes before click msg when applicable var startStr = '
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January 10-13, 2005
Chicago, Illinois
Printer Friendly Exhibitor List
To view information about Exhibitors, simply move your mouse over booths with
black numbers. Clicking on yellow booths will display product information for that Exhibitor.
Exhibitors and booth assignments are accurate as of December 15, 2004.
Booth numbers and floor plan are subject to change.

Exhibit Hall - Left Side
View Right Side of Exhibit Hall  
View Right Side of Exhibit Hall  

Left Side Exhibitor List

Advance Storage Products
AeroVironment Inc.
Aker Wade/Enersys
Albion Industries Inc.
AmbaFlex Inc.
American Wire Products
AMETEK Prestolite Power and Switch
Basiloid Products Corp.
Beumer Corporation
Bishamon Industries Corporation
Borroughs Corporation
Boston Gear
Bulldog Rack Co.
Cogan Wire & Metal Products Ltd.
Columbus McKinnon Corporation
Crown Battery
Daifuku American Corporation
Dane Industries
Darcor Casters
Douglas Battery Manufacturing Company Inc.
Eagle MHC
East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.
ECOA Industrial Products Inc.
Enersys Inc.
Engineered Products
Ermanco Incorporated
Faultless-Nutting Division
FKI Logistex
FKI Logistex
Formsprag Clutch
Frazier Industrial Company
Frog Navigation Systems
GNB Industrial Power div Exide Technologies
Goff’s Enterprises
Hallowell, div List Industries Inc.
Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.
Hanel Storage Systems
Harris Waste Management Group Inc.
Hilman Rollers Inc.
HK Systems
Hodge div The Durham Manufacturing Co.
Hyster Company
IAC Industries
Interlake Material Handling Inc.


ITC Manufacturing
J & D Associates
J&L Wire Cloth Company, Inc.
JET, WMH Tool Group
JLG Industries
Knapp Logistics & Automation, Inc.
Landoll Corp.
Leggett & Platt Material Handling Gillis Jarke
Liftow Ltd.
Lista International Corp.
Lyon Workspace Products LLC
Mallard Manufacturing Corporation
Mars Air Doors
Mecalux USA, Inc.
Millennium Falcon Wheel
Morse Manufacturing Company Inc.
Nashville Wire Products
Pacific Westeel
Paltier LLC
Penco Products Inc.
Pflow Industries Inc.
Prest Rack Inc.
Ralphs-Pugh Company
Ridg-U-Rak Inc.
Rockwell Automation
Sackett Systems, Inc.
Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems Inc.
Stanley Vidmar
Starrco Company Inc.
Steel King Industries, Inc.
Sterling Net & Twine Co., Inc.
Systems Material Handling Company
Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation
The Andersen Company
Thombert Inc.
Tri Boro Shelving & Partition
Unarco Material Handling
UNEX Manufacturing Inc.
United Steel Products
Universal Electric Corporation
Valley Craft, Inc.
Warner Electric
Wesley International
Wildeck Inc.
WireCrafters LLC
Yale Materials Handling Corporation


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