A passion for delivering beyond expectations, with no excuses as our foundation


Working as an extension of your Association's headquarters staff to create member benefits, our goal is to help "wrap the Association's arms around the member," resulting in membership growth and retention.

As a marketing communications partner, we offer a turnkey approach to enhancing an Association's marketing and communication efforts through the publication of their member media. All DKC initiatives are designed to communicate Association, member and industry-specific information in whatever format the Association and member wishes to recieve it.

We perform all tasks to produce online and printed materials including member journals, e-newsletters, e-magazines, wiki products, buyers' guides, member directories and SEO services under our Association partner's direction and control, including:

  • Content Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Content Delivery
  • Search Engine Optimization.

Through this process and as a partner with the Association, we:

  • Promote Association Membership
  • Promote Association Educational Programs, Conferences and Exhibits.

Our publications succeed! Our unmatched understanding of the Association member, the passion we share for what we do, our deft blend of information and insight into what is important to the Association member provides a platform for a successful partnership between DKC and your Association.


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